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William H. Crawford

William Harris Crawford was an American politician and judge during the early 19th century. He served as United States Secretary of War and United States Secretary of the Treasury before running for president in the 1824 election. Born in Virginia, Crawford moved to Georgia at a young age. After studying law, Crawford won election to the Georgia House of Representatives in 1803. He aligned with the Democratic-Republican Party and U.S. Senator James Jackson. In 1807, the Georgia legislature elected Crawford to the United States Senate. After the death of Vice President George Clinton, Crawford’s position as president pro tempore of the Senate made him first in the presidential line of succession from April 1812 to March 1813. In 1813, President James Madison appointed Crawford as the U.S. minister to France, and Crawford held that post for the remainder of the War of 1812. After the war, Madison appointed him to the position of Secretary of War.

Born: William Harris Crawford, February 24, 1772, Amherst County, Virginia, British America
Died: September 15, 1834, Crawford, Georgia, U.S.
Political party: Democratic-Republican (1803–1828), Democratic (1828–1834)
Spouse(s): Susanna Gerardine
Children: 7
President: James Madison, James Monroe
Preceded by: Alexander Dallas
Succeeded by: Richard Rush

About William H. Crawford

American politician who served as U. S. Secretary of War from 1815 to 1816 and Secretary of the Treasury from 1816 to 1825. He ran for president in 1824 but was defeated by John Quincy Adams.

Before Fame

His first foray into politics was to represent Georgia in the Senate from 1807 to 1813. He advanced quickly and was elected President pro tempore in 1811, having to serve as Acting Vice President when George Clinton died in 1812.


He was a member of the Columbian Institute for the Promotion of Arts and Sciences, which also hosted Andrew Jackson and John Quincy Adams as members.

Family Life

He was married to Susanna Gerardine, with whom he had seven children.


He was appointed Secretary of the Treasury, Ambassador to France, and Secretary of War by U.S. President James Madison.

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