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Tobias Smollett

Tobias George Smollett was a Scottish poet and author. He was best known for his picaresque novels, such as The Adventures of Roderick Random, The Adventures of Peregrine Pickle and The Expedition of Humphry Clinker, which influenced later novelists, including Charles Dickens. His novels were amended liberally by printers; a definitive edition of each of his works was edited by Dr O. M. Brack Jr to correct such variations.

Born: Tobias George Smollett, Dalquhurn (now part of Renton), Scotland
Died: September 17, 1771, Livorno, Italy
Occupation: Author, poet and surgeon
Alma mater: University of Glasgow, University of Aberdeen
Period: 1748–1771
Genre: Picaresque, satire

About Tobias Smollett

Eighteenth-century Scottish poet and picaresque novelist who famously wrote The Adventures of Peregrine Pickle. His other works include The Adventures of Roderick Random and The Adventures of Ferdinand Count Fathom.

Before Fame

He studied medicine at the University of Glasgow and subsequently worked in Jamaica as a surgeon.


He considered A Complete History of England (written between 1757 and 1765) to be his most important work.

Family Life

He married Nancy Lascelles in 1747. The couple had one daughter.


His work influenced the literary development of renowned author Charles Dickens.

Information related to Tobias Smollett

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