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Taylor Caldwell

Janet Miriam Holland Taylor Caldwell was an Anglo-American novelist and prolific author of popular fiction, also known by the pen names Marcus Holland and Max Reiner, and by her married name of J. Miriam Reback.

Born: Janet Miriam Holland Taylor Caldwell, Sept 7, 1900, Manchester, England
Pen name: Marcus Holland, Max Reiner, J. Miriam Reback
Occupation: Novelist
Education: University at Buffalo
Genre: historical and religious
Spouses: William Combs, (1919–1931, produced Mary Margaret (Peggy) Combs, divorced), Marcus Reback, (1931–1971, produced Judith Ann Reback, widowed), William Stancell, (1972–1973, divorced), William Prestie, (1978, her death)

About Taylor Caldwell

An English-born American author, she is known for such novels as Dynasty of Death, Dear and Glorious Physician, and The Captains and the Kings. She published her final novel, Answer As A Man, in 1980.

Before Fame

She started writing at the age of eight and had completed her first novel by the time she was 12. She graduated from the University of Buffalo in 1931.


She received The Grand Prix Chatvain in 1950.

Family Life

She was married four times. Three of her four husbands had the first name of William; her second husband was Marcus Reback. She had two daughters, Mary and Judith.


Her works of fiction often featured real historical figures like Cardinal Richelieu and Genghis Khan.

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