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About Suleiman I

Remembered as “Suleiman the Magnificent” and “Suleiman the Lawgiver,” this Ottoman Empire Sultan reigned from 1520 until 1566. He led his subjects in numerous military campaigns and also earned a reputation as an excellent legislator on matters of policing, education, and taxation.

Before Fame

After studying in Constantinople, he held office as Governor of both Kaffa and Sarukhan.


He played a major role in the expansion of the Ottoman Empire; his fleet dominated a vast area stretching from the Persian Gulf to the Mediterranean Sea.

Family Life

He had at least four wives and fathered eleven children. He appears to have been deeply in love with Hürrem Sultan (Roxelana), whom he married in 1531 and to whom he dedicated a love poem (written under his pen name of Muhibbi).


Centuries after his death, he was portrayed by Turkish actor Halet Ergenc in a film titled Muhteşem Yüzyii.

Information related to Suleiman I

  • Suleiman the Magnificent The tenth and longest-reigning sultan of the Ottoman Empire from 1520 to his death in 1566.
  • Suleiman I of Persia The eighth Safavid shah of Iran, ruling from 1 November 1666 to 29 July 1694.

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