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Sergiusz Piasecki

Sergiusz Piasecki – was one of the best known Polish language writers of the mid 20th century. His crowning achievement, Kochanek Wielkiej Niedźwiedzicy published in 1937, was the third most popular novel in the Second Polish Republic. Following World War II, Piasecki’s books were banned by communist censorship in the People’s Republic of Poland. After the collapse of the Soviet empire, in early 1990s, Kochanek Wielkiej Niedźwiedzicy became again one of the best selling books in the country according to Rzeczpospolita daily. Another one of his novels, an anti-Soviet satire Zapiski oficera Armii Czerwonej, had already been reprinted several times.

Born: April 01, 1901, Lachowicze, Minsk Governorate, Russian Empire
Died: September 12, 1964, London
Occupation: writer, spy
Nationality: Polish
Genre: novel, short story
Literary movement: modernism, magic realism
Notable works: Kochanek Wielkiej Niedzwiedzicy, Wieża Babel, Zapiski oficera Armii Czerwonej

About Sergiusz Piasecki

One of the most respected Polish-language writers of the Twentieth century, he is particularly known for his 1937 masterwork, The Lover of Ursa Major. His other notable publications include the satirical work, The Memoirs of a Red Army officer, and the war memoir, The Tower of Babel.

Before Fame

He was sent to jail after attacking a teacher with a pistol. This event happened when he was in the seventh grade and marked the end of his formal education.


His books were banned by the Communists in the People’s Republic of Poland after World War II.

Family Life

He was the illegitimate son of a Polish nobleman and a Belarusian servant.


He and Henryk Sienkiewicz are two of the most renowned Polish writers of the Twentieth Century.

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