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Ole Worm

Ole Worm, who often went by the Latinized form of his name Olaus Wormius, was a Danish physician, natural historian and antiquary. He was a professor at the University of Copenhagen where he taught Greek, Latin, Physics and Medicine.

Born: 13 May 1588, Aarhus, Denmark
Died: August 31, 1654, Copenhagen, Denmark
Nationality: Danish
Other names: Olaus Wormius
Occupation: physician, natural historian and antiquary
Spouse(s): Dorothea Fincke

About Ole Worm

Danish physician and antiquary who collected ancient stone, fossils, and taxidermy animals. In 163u he determined that unicorns do not exist.

Before Fame

He continued his education after receiving his Doctor of Medicine degree from the University of Basel in 1611.


Most of his ‘scientific’ studies didn’t employ the methods of investigation and reasoning in use today.

Family Life

His grandfather amassed a large fortune, which was passed down to his father, and eventually to him.


H.P. Lovecraft mentioned him in one of his stories, naming him a translator of the book of the dead.

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