Myrna Mack (Civil Rights Leader)

Myrna Mack Chang was a Guatemalan anthropologist. In 1990 she was murdered by a military death squad because of her criticism of the Guatemala government’s treatment of the indigenous Maya, and its human rights abuses against the people.

About Myrna Mack

Anthropologist and civil rights activist who fought for the rights of the indigenous Mayan people in Guatemala. She became a martyr for her cause after she was murdered. Her killer was notably tried before the Inter-American Court of Human Rights in Costa Rica.

Before Fame

She studied Anthropology at the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom.


She was murdered by a military death squad because of her criticism of the Guatemalan government.

Family Life

Her mother was Chinese and her father was Mayan.


She was a Guatemalan human rights activist like Rigoberto Menchu.

Information related to Myrna Mack

  • Helen Mack Chang – Helen Mack Chang is a Guatemalan businesswoman and human rights activist. She became an outspoken advocate for human rights after her sister, anthropologist Myrna Mack Chang, was assassinated by the Guatemalan military on September 11, 1990.
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