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Levi Coffin

Levi Coffin was an American Quaker, abolitionist, farmer, businessman and humanitarian. An active leader in the Underground Railroad in Indiana and Ohio, some unofficially called Coffin the “President of the Underground Railroad,” estimating that three thousand fugitive slaves passed through his care. The Coffin home in Fountain City, Wayne County, Indiana is now a museum, sometimes called the Underground Railroad’s “Grand Central Station”. Born near what became Greensboro, North Carolina, Coffin was exposed to and came to oppose slavery as a child. His family immigrated to Indiana in 1826, avoiding slaveholders’ increasing persecution of Quakers, whose faith did not permit them to own slaves and who assisted fugitives. In Indiana, Coffin settled near the National Road with other Quakers in Wayne County, Indiana near the Ohio border. He farmed, as well as became a local merchant and business leader.

Born: October 28, 1798, Guilford County, North Carolina
Died: September 16, 1877, Avondale, Ohio
Resting place: Spring Grove Cemetery, Cincinnati, Ohio
Residence: Levi Coffin House
Occupation: Farmer, Pork Packing, Merchant, Banking
Known for: his work with Underground Railroad
Political party: Whig, Republican
Board member of: Western Freedman’s Society, Second State Bank of Indiana Board of Directors
Spouse(s): Catherine (White) Coffin (1803–81)
Parent(s): Prudence and Levi Coffin Sr.
Relatives: Vestal Coffin (cousin), Lucretia Coffin Mott (cousin)

About Levi Coffin

Remembered for the significant role he played in helping slaves escape to freedom through the Underground Railroad, this prominent abolitionist is also notable for helping to establish the Western Freedman’s Aid Society.

Before Fame

Growing up in a Quaker family, he opposed slavery from a young age. By his mid teens, he had already begun housing and hiding escaped slaves.


He was known to his contemporaries as the “President of the Underground Railroad.”

Family Life

Born and raised in North Carolina, he later lived in Indiana and Ohio with his wife, Catherine White, and the couple’s six children. His cousin Lucretia Coffin Mott was a prominent abolitionist and women’s rights activist.


In her famous book Uncle Tom’s Cabin, author Harriet Beecher Stowe mentions Coffin’s kindness and assistance to a young, ex-slave girl named Eliza Harris.

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