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Leni Riefenstahl

Helene Bertha Amalie “Leni” Riefenstahl was a German film director and actress and Nazi sympathizer. A talented swimmer and artist, she also became interested in dancing during her childhood, taking dancing lessons and performing across Europe. After seeing a promotional poster for the 1924 film Der Berg des Schicksals, Riefenstahl was inspired to move into acting. Between 1925 and 1929, she starred in five successful motion pictures. Riefenstahl became one of the few women in Germany to direct a film during the Weimar Period when, in 1932, she decided to try directing with her own film, Das Blaue Licht. In the 1930s, she directed the Nazi propaganda films Triumph des Willens and Olympia, resulting in worldwide attention and acclaim. The movies are widely considered two of the most effective, and technically innovative, propaganda films ever made. Her involvement in Triumph des Willens, however, significantly damaged her career and reputation after the war.

Born: Helene Bertha Amalie Riefenstahl, August 22, 1902, Berlin, Kingdom of Prussia, German Empire
Died: September 8, 2003, Pöcking, Bavaria, Germany
Resting place: Munich Waldfriedhof
Nationality: German
Occupation: Dancer, actress, film director, producer, screenwriter, author
Years active: 1925–2002
Known for: Triumph des Willens, Olympia
Spouse(s): Peter Jacob (1944–1946)
Website: Leni Riefenstahl’s Official site
IMDb: Leni Riefenstahl’s IMDb
Rotten Tomatoes: Leni Riefenstahl’s Rotten Tomatoes

About Leni Riefenstahl

Director and actress who played Martha in Lowlands, which she directed in 1954.

Before Fame

She danced in several of Arnold Fanck films, such as The White Hell of Pitz Palu.


She directed the documentary film Triumph of the Will, which was filmed in Nuremberg where the Nazi Party had its headquarters.

Family Life

Her second marriage was to Horst Kettner in 2003.


She was given a tour of the production of Fantasia by Walt Disney.

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