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Kole Nedelkovski

Kole Nedelkovski was a Macedonian revolutionary and poet, and member of the Bulgarian Communist Party. He was a member of the Macedonian Literary Circle and he published two poetry books. Today, Nedelkovski is seen as one of the founders of the modern Macedonian poetry.

Born: Nikola Krstev Nedelkov, Dec 16, 1912, Vojnica, near Veles
Died: 02, 1941, Sofia, Bulgaria
Occupation: poet and communist
Genre: revolutionary poetry
Notable works: M’skavici and Peš po svetot

About Kole Nedelkovski

Poet and revolutionary who became known for a Communist poem entitled “Glas od Makedonija” (“A Voice from Macedonia”). His other poetic works include “On Foot Around the World” and “Lightnings.”

Before Fame

He joined the Bulgarian and Yugoslavian Communist Parties and immigrated to Bulgaria in 1933.


He died at age twenty-eight while being pursued by police.

Family Life

His family lived in the municipality of Vojnica at the time of his birth.


He and Hristo Botev were both poets and revolutionaries with Bulgarian roots.

Information related to Kole Nedelkovski

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  • Bulgarian Communist Party – The Bulgarian Communist Party was the Communist and Marxist-Leninist ruling party of the People’s Republic of Bulgaria from 1946 until 1989 when the country ceased to be a communist state.
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