Juan Larrea Holguin (Religious Leader)


Juan Ignacio Larrea Holguín, was archbishop of Guayaquil for ten years, and the first member of the prelature of Opus Dei in Ecuador. He was also a distinguished lawyer, frequently consulted about Ecuadorian Civil law and the author of more than 60 books about jurisprudence.

Church: Roman Catholic Church
Archdiocese: Guayaquil
See: Guayaquil
Appointed: 7 December 1989
Term ended: 7 May 2003
Predecessor: Bernardino Carlos Guillermo Honorato Echeverría Ruiz, O.F.M.
Successor: Antonio Arregui Yarza
Other posts: Auxiliary Bishop of Quito (1969 – 1980), Titular Bishop of Cellae in Proconsulari (1969 – 1980), Bishop of Ibarra (1980 – 1983), Titular Bishop of Novi (1983 – 1988), Bishop of the Military Ordinariate of Ecuador (1983 – 1989), Coadjutor Archbishop of Guayaquil (1988 – 1989)
Ordination: 5 August 1962, by Pope John XXIII
Consecration: 15 June 1969, by Cardinal Pablo Muñoz Vega
Rank: Archbishop
Born: August 10, 1927, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Died: August 27, 2006, Quito, Ecuador
Nationality: Argentinian
Profession: Lawyer
Alma mater: Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador, Pontifical University of Saint Thomas Aquinas of Rome, Sapienza University of Rome
Venerated in: Roman Catholic Church
Title as Saint: Servant of God

About Juan Larrea Holguin

Known as the Archbishop of Guayaquil for ten years, he was the first member of the prelature of Opus Dei in Ecuador.

Before Fame

He was a founding student of the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador where he studied law.


He held the chair in Civil law at the Catholic University of Quito for a long period of time.

Family Life

His father performed a diplomatic service for Ecuador to the Argentine government.


He was known to be a religious leader like Mother Theresa.

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