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John Hanning Speke

John Hanning Speke was an English explorer and officer in the British Indian Army who made three exploratory expeditions to Africa. He is most associated with the search for the source of the Nile and was the first European to reach Lake Victoria. He is also known for propounding the Hamitic hypothesis in 1863, in which he supposed that the Wahuma ethnic group were descendants of the biblical figure Ham, and had lighter skin and more Hamitic features than the Bantu over whom they ruled.

Born: May 4, 1827, Buckland Brewer, Devon, England
Died: September 15, 1864, Neston Park, Wiltshire, England
Burial place: Dowlish Wake, Somerset, England
Occupation: Military officer and explorer

About John Hanning Speke

The first European to reach Lake Victoria in East Africa, discovering the source of the Nile river.

Before Fame

An attack by the natives that left him seriously wounded failed to dampen his desire to explore Africa.


He was also a subscriber to the Hamitic hypothesis that white races were superior to African ones.

Family Life

He was born into an aristocratic family, and buried at the Speke ancestral home in Dowlish Wake, Somerset.


Hugh Clapperton was another noted explorer of Africa.

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