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Jerome Clarke Hunsaker

Jerome Clarke Hunsaker was an American airman born in Creston, Iowa, and educated at the Naval Academy and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Born: 26, 1886, Creston, Iowa
Died: 10, 1984, Boston, Massachusetts
Residence: United States
Citizenship: American
Fields: Aeronautics
Institutions: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Goodyear-Zeppelin, Bell Labs, National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics
Alma mater: United States Naval Academy Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Known for: pioneering research in aeronautics
Notable awards: Langley Gold Medal (1955), Wright Brothers Memorial Trophy (1951), Medal for Merit (1946), Edward Longstreth Medal (1942), Daniel Guggenheim Medal (1933)

About Jerome Clarke Hunsaker

Aeronautical engineer who helped the U.S. create some of its earliest lighter-than-air ships. He was also the president of Goodyear Zeppelin Company and received important awards from both the Franklin Institute and the Smithsonian Institute for his revolutionary work.

Before Fame

Developing an interest in flight from his college days, he spent several years studying the progress of aeronautics in Europe, before returning to teach it in the U.S.


He bult the first wind tunnel, at MIT, made some of the earliest planes capable of transatlantic flight, and supervised construction of lighter-than-air craft.

Family Life

He was born in Creston, Iowa.


Among his many contributions to the development of flight in America, he translated Gustave Eiffel‘s works on aerodynamics.

Information related to Jerome Clarke Hunsaker

  • American aerospace engineers
  • Recipients of the Distinguished Service Cross (United States)

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