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Jean Piaget

Jean Piaget was a Swiss psychologist known for his work on child development. Piaget’s theory of cognitive development and epistemological view are together called “genetic epistemology”. Piaget placed great importance on the education of children. As the Director of the International Bureau of Education, he declared in 1934 that “only education is capable of saving our societies from possible collapse, whether violent, or gradual.” His theory of child development is studied in pre-service education programs. Educators continue to incorporate constructivist-based strategies. Piaget created the International Center for Genetic Epistemology in Geneva in 1955 while on the faculty of the University of Geneva and directed the Center until his death in 1980. The number of collaborations that its founding made possible, and their impact, ultimately led to the Center being referred to in the scholarly literature as “Piaget’s factory”.

Born: Jean William Fritz Piaget, August 9, 1896, Neuchâtel, Switzerland
Died: September 16, 1980, Geneva, Switzerland
Fields: Developmental psychology, epistemology
Alma mater: University of Neuchâtel
Known for: Constructivism, Genevan School, genetic epistemology, theory of cognitive development, object permanence, egocentrism
Influences: Immanuel Kant, Henri Bergson, Pierre Janet, Alfred Binet, Théodore Simon, Sabina Spielrein, James Mark Baldwin
Influenced: Rabbi Shlomo Wolbe, Bärbel Inhelder, Jerome Bruner, Kenneth Kaye, Lawrence Kohlberg, Robert Kegan, Howard Gardner, Thomas Kuhn, Seymour Papert, Lev Vygotsky, John Flavell, Yann LeCun, Jordan Peterson

About Jean Piaget

Swiss psychologist who is best known for studying the thought processes of children. The discipline of Genetic Epistemology, which attempts to explain the historical basis and psychological origins of scientific knowledge, was established by him.

Before Fame

He learned a lot about the cognition of children and adults while marking intelligence tests.


He was the Director of the International Bureau of Education and he believed that a better education system had the potential to save society from collapse.

Family Life

He had a son named Laurent, and two daughters named Jacqueline and Lucienne.


His ideas have often been discussed in relation to Sigmund Freud.

Information related to Jean Piaget

  • Active learning – Active learning is a form of learning in which teaching strives to involve students in the learning process more directly than in other methods.
  • Cognitive acceleration – Cognitive acceleration or CA is an approach to teaching designed to develop students’ thinking ability, developed by Michael Shayer and Philip Adey from 1981 at King’s College London. The approach builds on work by Jean Piaget and Lev Vygotsky and takes a constructivist approach.
  • Cognitivism (learning theory) – In psychology, cognitivism is a theoretical framework for understanding the mind that gained credence in the 1950s. The movement was a response to behaviorism, which cognitivists said neglected to explain cognition.
  • Constructivist epistemology – Constructivist epistemology is a branch in philosophy of science maintaining that scientific knowledge is constructed by the scientific community, who seek to measure and construct models of the natural world.
  • Developmental psychology – Developmental psychology is the scientific study of how and why human beings change over the course of their life. Originally concerned with infants and children, the field has expanded to include adolescence, adult development, aging, and the entire lifespan.
  • Fluid and crystallized intelligence – According to the theory published in 1963 by the psychologist Raymond Cattell, general intelligence is subdivided into fluid intelligence and crystallized intelligence.
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