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James Larkin Pearson was a poet and newspaper publisher. From 1953–1981 he served as North Carolina Poet Laureate, and was the second poet to hold the title.

Born: James Larkin Pearson, September 13, 1879, Wilkes County, North Carolina
Died: August 27, 1981, Wilkes County, North Carolina
Occupation: poet and newspaper publisher
Known for: Poet Laureate of North Carolina (1953–1981)

About James Larkin Pearson

American poet and publisher who held the title of North Carolina Poet Laureate from 1953 until his death at age 101. His rural-themed poetry collections include Fifty Acres, Early Harvest, and Plowed Ground.

Before Fame

He grew up in a log cabin on a North Carolina farm and wrote his first poem when he was four years old.


He founded a newspaper called The Fool-Killer in 1910 and used the publication to voice his support for prohibition.

Family Life

He was married twice — to Cora Wallace and Eleanor Fox — and was widowed twice, having fathered a stillborn child and an adopted daughter.


He, like A.R. Ammons, was a North Carolina-born poet.

Information related to James Larkin Pearson

  • Poets Laureate of North Carolina

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