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J. F. Archibald

Jules François Archibald, known as J. F. Archibald, Australian journalist and publisher, was co-owner and editor of The Bulletin during the days of its greatest influence in Australian politics and literary life. He was also the founder and namesake of the annual Archibald Prize art award.

About J.F. Archibald

Businessman, journalist, and publisher who co-owned The Bulletin during its greatest period of influence in Australian politics and culture.

Before Fame

He spent little time at home and instead worked all day, sometimes as a paper delivery boy.


He changed his name to be more French-sounding because of his love of French culture.

Family Life

He was married to his job as a newspaper man. He founded the Archibald Prize art award.


He and William Randolph Hearst were contemporaries.

Information related to J. F. Archibald

  • John Haynes (journalist) – John Haynes was a parliamentarian in New South Wales, Australia for five months short of thirty years, and co-founder, with J. F. Archibald, of The Bulletin.
  • Burials at Waverley Cemetery
  • Australian magazine editors
  • Australian magazine publishers (people)

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