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Immanuel Wallerstein

Immanuel Maurice Wallerstein was an American sociologist and economic historian. He is perhaps best known for his development of the general approach in sociology which led to the emergence of his world-systems approach. He was a Senior Research Scholar at Yale University from 2000 until his death in 2019, and published bimonthly syndicated commentaries through Agence Global on world affairs from October 1998 to July 2019. He was the 13th president of International Sociological Association.

Born: September 28, 1930, New York City, U.S.
Died: August 31, 2019, Branford, Connecticut, U.S.
Institutions: McGill University, Binghamton University, École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, Yale University
Alma mater: Columbia University
Thesis: The Emergence of Two West African Nations: Ghana and the Ivory Coast (1959)
Notable students: Beverly J. Silver, Michael Hechter
Known for: World-systems theory
Influences: Karl Marx • Vladimir Lenin • Rosa Luxemburg • Fernand Braudel • Andre Gunder Frank • Raúl Prebisch • Karl Polanyi • Joseph Schumpeter • Sigmund Freud • Frantz Fanon • Ilya Prigogine

About Immanuel Wallerstein

Known best for a four-volume sociological work titled The Modern World-System, he also published The End of the World As We Know It: Social Science for the Twenty-first Century. He taught at Binghamton University and Yale University, among other institutions.

Before Fame

After earning his PhD in Sociology from Columbia University and briefly serving in the United States Army, he began his teaching career at McGill University.


He explained international warfare in terms of “Kondratiev waves” — predictable economic cycles that influence national and global politics.

Family Life

He was born and raised in New York City. His marriage to Beatrice Friedman began in 1964 and resulted in a daughter.


His masterpiece work, The Modern World-System, was influenced by the economic and political theories of Karl Marx.

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