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Ilya Ehrenburg

Ilya Grigoryevich Ehrenburg was a Soviet writer, Bolshevik revolutionary, journalist and historian. Ehrenburg is among the most prolific and notable authors of the Soviet Union; he published around one hundred titles. He became known first and foremost as a novelist and a journalist – in particular, as a reporter in three wars. His articles on the Second World War have provoked intense controversies in West Germany, especially during the sixties. The novel The Thaw gave its name to an entire era of Soviet politics, namely, the liberalization after the death of Joseph Stalin. Ehrenburg’s travel writing also had great resonance, as did to an arguably greater extent his memoir People, Years, Life, which may be his best known and most discussed work. The Black Book, edited by him and Vassily Grossman, has special historical significance; detailing the genocide on Soviet citizens of Jewish ancestry by the Nazis, it is the first documentary work on the Holocaust.

About Ilya Ehrenburg

Russian wartime journalist who was one of the mot prolific and notable authors of the Soviet Union.

Before Fame

When he was seventeen years old, the tsar’s secret police arrested him and sentenced him for five months for being involved with the Bolshevik organization.


The Black Book, which he co-edited in 1944, was the first great work documenting the Holocaust.

Family Life

His father worked as an engineer in Kiev.


His gravestone was adorned with a portrait of him, which was drawn by his friend Pablo Picasso.

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