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Hannah More

Hannah More was an English religious writer and philanthropist, remembered as a poet and playwright in the circle of Johnson, Reynolds and Garrick, as a writer on moral and religious subjects, and as a practical philanthropist. Born in Bristol, she taught at a school established there by her father and began writing plays. She became involved with the London literary elite, and rose to be a leading Bluestocking member. Later her plays and poetry became more evangelical and she joined a group campaigning against the slave trade. In the 1790s she wrote several Cheap Repository Tracts on moral, religious and political topics, for distribution to the literate poor. Meanwhile, she increased her philanthropic work in the Mendip area, encouraged by William Wilberforce.

Born: February 02, 1745, Fishponds, Bristol, England
Died: September 07, 1833, Clifton, Bristol, England
Resting place: Wrington, Somerset, England
Nationality: English
Occupation: Poet, Playwright, Author, Educator
Known for: Poetry, Drama, Philanthropy

About Hannah More

English religious writer, dramatist, and philanthropist whose pastoral-themed plays include The Search after Happiness and The Inflexible Captive. Her later, moralistic works include Practical Piety, Moral Sketches, and Village Politics.

Before Fame

She attended and later taught at an all-female boarding school that her father had established in Bristol, England. While teaching drama at the school, she began writing plays.


She belonged to an elite London literary circle that included Edmund Burke and Samuel Johnson.

Family Life

She and her four sisters were the daughters of schoolmaster Jacob More. She was engaged once, to William Turner, but she never married.


She based her play, The Inflexible Captive, on a work by Pietro Metastasio.

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