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Gordon Gould

Gordon Gould was an American physicist who is often credited with the invention of the laser.. Gould is best known for his thirty-year fight with the United States Patent and Trademark Office to obtain patents for the laser and related technologies. He also fought with laser manufacturers in court battles to enforce the patents he subsequently did obtain.

Born: 17, 1920, New York City
Died: 16, 2005, New York City
Nationality: American
Fields: Physics
Institutions: NYU Poly
Alma mater: Union College, Yale University, Columbia University
Known for: Laser, patent law

About Gordon Gould

Scientist who fought for over thirty-eight years for recognition and credit for inventing the laser. He was elected to the National Inventors Hall of Fame in 1991.

Before Fame

Encouraged by his mother, he grew up learning about the great inventors of the day.


He came up with the acronym for ‘light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation’ – or LASER.

Family Life

He was in a Marxist group with his first wife Glen Fulwider, which denied him security clearances on some top-secret military work involving his laser.


While other children looked up to movie and sports stars, he idolized Thomas Edison.

Information related to Gordon Gould

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  • Edwin H. Armstrong , another inventor who fought a long and acrimonious battle to enforce his patents.
  • Laser researchers
  • Discovery and invention controversies
  • Scarsdale High School alumni
  • Polytechnic Institute of New York University faculty
  • Union College (New York) alumni

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