Giovanni Domenico Cassini (Astronomer) – Bio, Birthday, Family, Age & Born
Giovanni Domenico Cassini

Giovanni Domenico Cassini, also known as Jean-Dominique Cassini was an Italian mathematician, astronomer and engineer. Cassini was born in Perinaldo, near Imperia, at that time in the County of Nice, part of the Savoyard state. Cassini is known for his work in the fields of astronomy and engineering. Cassini discovered four satellites of the planet Saturn and noted the division of the rings of Saturn; the Cassini Division was named after him. Giovanni Domenico Cassini was also the first of his family to begin work on the project of creating a topographic map of France. The Cassini space probe, launched in 1997, was named after him and became the fourth to visit the planet Saturn and the first to orbit the planet.

Born: June 8, 1625, Perinaldo, Republic of Genova
Died: September 14, 1712, Paris, France
Residence: Italy, France
Nationality: Italian, French
Fields: Mathematics, astrology astronomy, engineering
Institutions: University of Bologna
Alma mater: The Jesuit College at Genoa
Known for: Cassini Division, Cassini’s laws, Cassini oval, first to observe the division in the rings of Saturn

About Giovanni Domenico Cassini

Italian astronomer, engineer and mathematician who was the first to notice the division of the rings on Saturn and discovered four of the planet’s satellites. The Cassini Division, a 4,800-kilometer gap between rings A and B around Saturn, is named in his honor.

Before Fame

His career in astronomy got started when he accepted a position at a Panzano observatory, where he worked with amateur astronomer Cornelio Malvasia beginning in 1648.


He rejected Isaac Newton‘s theory of gravity due to faulty results from his own experiments.

Family Life

He was married to Genevieve de Laistre and had two sons, one of which, Jacques, also became an astronomer.


He shares credit for the discovery of Jupiter’s Great Red Spot with renowned polymath Robert Hooke.

Information related to Giovanni Domenico Cassini

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  • 24101 Cassini , an asteroid .
  • Aerial telescope – large telescopes used by Cassini.
  • Cassini (lunar crater) – Cassini is a lunar impact crater that is located in the Palus Nebularum, at the eastern end of Mare Imbrium. The crater are named after astronomers Giovanni and Jacques Cassini. To the northeast is the Promontorium Agassiz, the southern tip of the Montes Alpes mountain range.
  • Cassini (Martian crater) – Cassini is a crater on Mars named in honour of the Italian astronomer Giovanni Cassini. The name was approved in 1973, by the International Astronomical Union Working Group for Planetary System Nomenclature.
  • Cassini oval – A Cassini oval is a quartic plane curve defined as the set of points in the plane such that the product of the distances to two fixed points is constant. This may be contrasted to an ellipse, for which the sum of the distances is constant, rather than the product.
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