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Gerardo Barrios

Gerardo Barrios was President of El Salvador, from 12 March 1859 to 26 October 1863. Barrios was a liberal and supported the unity of Central America. He was, from a young age, part of the army of the last president of Federation of Central American Estates, Francisco Morazan. After his death he became the leader or the unionist movement.He served as president of El Salvador several times – in 1858 in acting capacity, from 1859 to 1860 in acting capacity and again from 1860 to 1863. He was known for his concern for international relations and is attributed for introducing coffee production to El Salvador, accelerating the spread through Central America. Coffee became the basis of El Salvador’s economy. Between 1860 and 1863, Barrios launched a reorganization of the public finances and promoted the coffee production and silk-elaboration related activities. He also created a professional armed force, and favored non-religious public education.

Born: September 24, 1813, San Juan Lempa, El Salvador
Died: August 29, 1865, San Salvador, El Salvador
Political party: Liberal Party
Occupation: General, Politician
Vice President: José Félix Quirós (1860-1863)
Preceded by: José María Peralta
Succeeded by: Francisco Dueñas

About Gerardo Barrios

Salvadoran politician who was the President of El Salvador from 1859 to 1863. The cities of Ciudad Barrios and San Gerardo are named after him.

Before Fame

He was a part of the army of the last president of the Federation of Central American Estates, Francisco Morazan.


He was a member of the Liberal Party and as president he promoted the industries of coffee production and silk-elaboration.

Family Life

He was raised in a Catholic family with four children.


He was President of El Salvador while Abraham Lincoln was President of the United States.

Information related to Gerardo Barrios

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