Gaylord Wilshire (Entrepreneur) – Bio, Birthday, Family, Age & Born
Gaylord Wilshire

Henry Gaylord Wilshire, known to his contemporaries by his middle name of “Gaylord”, was a land developer, publisher, and outspoken socialist. He gave Los Angeles’ famous Wilshire Boulevard its name.

About Gaylord Wilshire

Land developer who created the famed Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles.

Before Fame

He was a man of much fame and great contradictions. He made millions, yet was an ardent socialist. He ran for office under the socialist banner and published a successful magazine.


He arrived in Los Angeles in 1884 when its population was barely over 10,000. He purchased a tract of land bordering the city, which eventually became his famed boulevard.

Family Life

His father was also a self-made millionaire and the director of six businesses.


He and the artist and naturalist Leo Carillo both had significant landmarks in California named after them.

Information related to Gaylord Wilshire

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