Garner Ted Armstrong (Religious Leader)
Garner Ted Armstrong

Garner Ted Armstrong was an American evangelist and the son of Herbert W. Armstrong, founder of the Worldwide Church of God, at the time a Sabbatarian organization that taught observance of seventh-day Sabbath, and annual Sabbath days based on Leviticus 23. Armstrong initially became recognized when he succeeded his father as the voice of The World Tomorrow, the church’s radio program that aired around the world. A television program of the same name followed, aired mostly in North America, eventually giving way to a Garner Ted Armstrong broadcast, a half-hour program that mixed news and biblical commentary. His polemical message was unlike that of most other religious broadcasters of his day.

Born: February 09, 1930, Portland, Oregon, U.S.
Died: September 15, 2003
Resting place: Gladewater Memorial Park (Gladewater, Texas)
Residence: Portland, OR (1930–1932), Eugene, OR (1932–1946), Pasadena, CA (1946–1978), Tyler, TX (1978–2003)
Nationality: United States
Other names: William Talboy Wright (pseudonym used for his book Churchill’s Gold)
Education: BA (1956), MA (1960), Ph.D. (1964), Ambassador University
Occupation: Minister, Author, Educator, Radio and Television Commentator
Employer: Worldwide Church of God (1955–1978), Church of God International (1978–1998), Intercontinental Church of God (1998–2003)
Known for: Voice of The World Tomorrow, President of Ambassador University (1975–1978)
Title: Vice-President, Radio/Worldwide Church of God (1958–1978), President, Ambassador University (1975–1978), President, Garner Ted Armstrong Evangelistic Association (1978–2003)
Successor: Herbert W. Armstrong (as President of Ambassador University), Mark Armstrong (as leader of the Intercontinental Church of God)
Political party: Independent (though conservative leaning)
Spouse(s): Shirley Hammer Armstrong
Children: Mark Armstrong (b. 1953), David Dale Armstrong (b. 1955), Matthew Ted Armstrong (b. 1956)
Parent(s): Herbert W. & Loma D. Armstrong
Relatives: Sister Beverly Armstrong Gott, Sister Dorothy Mattson, Brother Richard Armstrong, Uncle Dwight L. Armstrong (Christian hymn composer), Nephew Tedd Armstrong (Rock Musician)
Website: Garner Ted Armstrong’s Official site

About Garner Ted Armstrong

Religious radio host, televangelist, and former minister of the Church of God, International.

Before Fame

He served in the US Navy during the Korean war.


He stepped down from his position in the Church of God, International after a masseuse accused him of sexual harassment.

Family Life

His father, Herbert W. Armstrong, was the founder of the Worldwide Church of God.


He appeared on the popular television program Hee Haw with Buck Owens.

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