Gabriel Terra (World Leader) – Bio, Birthday, Family, Age & Born

Dr. Gabriel Terra Leivas was the President of Uruguay from 1931 to 1938.

Born: August 1, 1873
Died: September 15, 1942, Montevideo
Nationality: Uruguayan
Political party: Colorado Party
Spouse(s): María Marcelina Ilarraz Miranda
Alma mater: Universidad de la República
Occupation: Politician, lawyer
Vice President: Alfredo Navarro
Preceded by: Juan Campisteguy
Succeeded by: Alfredo Baldomir

About Gabriel Terra

Uruguayan politician who served as the President of Uruguay from 1931 to 1938. He was known for his dictatorial style, having abolished the country’s constitution in favor of a new one which transferred nearly all the state’s powers to himself.

Before Fame

He attended the University of Uruguay, where he later became a member of the faculty.


He harshly suppressed all opposition towards him and jailed many university officials.

Family Life

His nephew, Horacio Terra Arocena, and great-nephew, Juan Pablo Terra, both served in the Senate.


He and Jose Mujica have both served as the President of Uruguay.

Information related to Gabriel Terra

  • Constitution of Uruguay of 1934 – The third Constitution of Uruguay was in force between 1934 and 1942.
  • Politics of Uruguay – The politics of Uruguay abide by a presidential representative democratic republic, under which the President of Uruguay is both the head of state and the head of government, as well as a multiform party system.
  • Education and Culture Ministers of Uruguay
  • Presidents of the Chamber of Deputies of Uruguay
  • Presidents of Uruguay
  • Uruguayan lawyers
  • Colorado Party (Uruguay) politicians

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