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France Bevk

France Bevk was a Slovene writer, poet and translator. He also wrote under the pseudonym Pavle Sedmak.

Born: Sept 17, 1890, Zakojca near Cerkno, Austrian Littoral
Died: Sept 17, 1970, Ljubljana, SR Slovenia
Occupation: Writer
Nationality: Slovene
Literary movement: Expressionism, social realism
Notable works: The Vicar Martin Čedermac
Notable awards: Prešeren Award

About France Bevk

Slovene poet and translator who published more than one hundred books over the course of his career and received the prestigious Preseren Award. His literary works span the genres of social realism and expressionism.

Before Fame

He worked as a teacher before fighting on the Eastern Front of World War I. He published his first poetry collection, Pesmi, in 1921.


Mentored by feminist editor Zofka Kveder, he started writing at the age of sixteen.

Family Life

He was the oldest of eight children born to a Zakojca shoemaker and tenant farmer.


He and Pavel Golia are both celebrated Slovene poets.

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