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Eiji Yoshikawa

Eiji Yoshikawa was a Japanese historical novelist. Among his best-known novels are revisions of older classics. He was mainly influenced by classics such as The Tale of the Heike, Tale of Genji, Water Margin, and Romance of the Three Kingdoms, many of which he retold in his own style. As an example, Yoshikawa took up Taiko’s original manuscript in 15 volumes to retell it in a more accessible tone and reduce it to only two volumes. His other books also serve similar purposes and, although most of his novels are not original works, he created a huge amount of work and a renewed interest in the past. He was awarded the Cultural Order of Merit in 1960, the Order of the Sacred Treasure and the Mainichi Art Award just before his death from cancer in 1962. He is cited as one of the best historical novelists in Japan.

Born: Hidetsugu Yoshikawa, 吉川英次, August 11, 1892, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan
Died: September 7, 1962, Tokyo, Japan
Occupation: Writer
Nationality: Japanese
Citizenship: Japanese
Genre: Historical drama
Subject: Japan History
Notable works: Miyamoto Musashi
IMDb: Eiji Yoshikawa’s IMDb

About Eiji Yoshikawa

A Japanese author known for his historical adventure novels containing elements of Japanese culture and folklore, he is most famous for his 1935 novel, Miyamoto Musashi. His other works include Taiko ki and Wasurenokori no ki.

Before Fame

He wrote poetry and comics throughout his youth. In 1914, his early novel, The Tale of Enoshima, won a literary contest sponsored by a prominent Japanese publisher.


Four of his novels have been translated into English.

Family Life

He was married twice: first, to Yasu Akazawa, and later to Fumiko Ikedo.


He was a recipient of Japan’s prestigious Order of the Sacred Treasure, as was W. Edwards Deming .

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