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Edwin McMillan

Edwin Mattison McMillan was an American physicist and Nobel laureate credited with being the first-ever to produce a transuranium element, neptunium. For this, he shared the Nobel Prize in Chemistry with Glenn Seaborg in 1951. A graduate of California Institute of Technology, he earned his doctorate from Princeton University in 1933, and joined the Berkeley Radiation Laboratory, where he discovered oxygen-15 and beryllium-10. During World War II, he worked on microwave radar at the MIT Radiation Laboratory, and on sonar at the Navy Radio and Sound Laboratory. In 1942 he joined the Manhattan Project, the wartime effort to create atomic bombs, and helped establish the project’s Los Alamos Laboratory where the bombs were designed. He led teams working on the gun-type nuclear weapon design, and also participated in the development of the implosion-type nuclear weapon. McMillan co-invented the synchrotron with Vladimir Veksler.

Born: Edwin Mattison McMillan, September 18, 1907, Redondo Beach, California, U.S.
Died: September 7, 1991, El Cerrito, California, U.S.
Nationality: American
Fields: Chemistry
Institutions: University of California, Berkeley, Berkeley Radiation Laboratory
Alma mater: California Institute of Technology, Princeton University
Thesis: Deflection of a Beam of HCI Molecules in a Non-Homogeneous Electric Field (1933)
Known for: Discovery of neptunium, the first transuranium element
Notable awards: Nobel Prize in Chemistry (1951), Atoms for Peace Award (1963), National Medal of Science (1990)

About Edwin McMillan

An American physicist and Nobel laureate who was the first scientist to produce a transuranium element.

Before Fame

He obtained both his bachelor’s and master’s degree from the California Institute of Technology.


He co-created the element neptunium in 1940.

Family Life

He moved with his family from Redondo Beach to Pasadena when he was young.


He did a research project with Linus Pauling as an undergraduate at the California Institute of Technology.

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