Danny Kronenfeld, Champion of the Homeless, Is Dead at 87


“Danny was a significant player in re-energizing, reimagining the essential place of a settlement house in the community,” Michael Zisser, the former chief executive of University Settlement and the Door, which offers free services to young people in need, said in an email.

Mr. Kronenfeld raised sufficient funds to expand the annual budget to $30 million from $7 million, which allowed him to supplement programs for young people, the elderly, victims of domestic violence, families of parents with H.I.V. and AIDS, and the growing Asian population, and to establish a Workforce Development Center.

He also recruited the people who would become Henry Street’s next two executive directors after he retired in 2002: Verona Middleton-Jeter, who succeeded him, and David Garza.

Mr. Kronenfeld was held in such high regard that in 2003, when New York City officials and advocates for the homeless took the first step toward ending their 20-year legal battle over the rights of displaced families, one of the few things they agreed on was to include him on a three-member panel to monitor municipal policies. (The other two were Gail B. Nayowith, the executive director of the Citizens’ Committee for Children of New York, and John D. Feerick, a lawyer and arbitrator.)

“His rewards came from doing justice, not from praise,” Eric Brettschneider, first deputy commissioner of the city’s Administration for Children’s Services, said in an email. “He listened and read 90 percent of the time and talked 10 percent (5 percent of which was wise and 5 percent funny).”

Daniel Kronenfeld was born on May 3, 1932, in the South Bronx to Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe. He father, Louis, was a Polish-born barber on the Lower East Side. His mother, Yetta (Levine) Kronenfeld, was an Austrian-born homemaker.

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