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Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit

Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit FRS was a physicist, inventor, and scientific instrument maker. Fahrenheit was born in Danzig, then a predominantly German-speaking city in the Pomeranian Voivodeship of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth, but lived most of his life in the Dutch Republic and was one of the notable figures in the Golden Age of Dutch science and technology. A pioneer of exact thermometry, he helped lay the foundations for the era of precision thermometry by inventing the mercury-in-glass thermometer and Fahrenheit scale. In other words, Fahrenheit’s inventions ushered in the first revolution in the history of thermometry. From the early 1710s until the beginnings of the electronic era, mercury-in-glass thermometers were among the most reliable and accurate thermometers ever invented.

Born: 24 May 1686 (14 May Old Style), Danzig (Gdańsk), Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth
Died: September 16, 1736, The Hague, Dutch Republic
Fields: Physics (thermometry)
Known for: Precision thermometry, Alcohol thermometer, Mercury-in-glass thermometer (first reliable thermometer), Fahrenheit scale (first widely used standardized temperature scale), Fahrenheit hydrometer

About Daniel Fahrenheit

Best remembered for developing the Fahrenheit temperature scale and for inventing the modern mercury thermometer, this Polish-born engineer and physicist also worked as a glassblower and a chemistry teacher.

Before Fame

After pursuing a commerce career in Amsterdam, he lived in Copenhagen, Leipzig, Berlin, and Dresden before ultimately finding employment as a glassblower in The Hague.


He was a contemporary and acquaintance of mathematician Gottfried Leibniz and astronomer Ole Romer.

Family Life

Though a native of Danzig, Poland and a member of a family of German heritage, he spent the majority of his life in the Netherlands (then called the Dutch Republic). He was the oldest surviving child of Daniel Fahrenheit and Concordia Schumann (who both died in 1701 after ingesting poisonous mushrooms).


His Fahrenheit scale was ultimately displaced in Europe by the Celsius scale (invented by Anders Celsius), but remained the standard of temperature measurement in the United States.

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