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Charles Lindbergh

Charles Augustus Lindbergh was an American aviator, military officer, author, inventor, activist and alleged Nazi sympathizer. At the age of 25 in 1927, he went from obscurity as a U.S. Air Mail pilot to instantaneous world fame by winning the Orteig Prize for making a nonstop flight from New York to Paris. Lindbergh covered the ​33 ¹⁄₂-hour, 3,600-statute-mile flight alone in a purpose-built, single-engine Ryan monoplane, the Spirit of St. Louis. Although not the first non-stop transatlantic flight, this was the first solo transatlantic flight, the first transatlantic flight between two major city hubs, and the longest transatlantic flight by almost 2,000 miles, thus it is widely considered a turning point in the development of aviation. Lindbergh was an officer in the U.S. Army Air Corps Reserve, and he received the United States’ highest military decoration, the Medal of Honor, for his transatlantic flight.

Born: Charles Augustus Lindbergh, February 4, 1902, Detroit, Michigan, U.S.
Died: August 26, 1974, Kipahulu, Maui, Hawaii, U.S.
Resting place: Palapala Ho’omau Church, Kipahulu, Maui, Hawaii
Nationality: American
Education: Sidwell Friends School, Redondo Union High School, Little Falls High School, University of Wisconsin–Madison (did not graduate)
Occupation: Aviator, author, inventor, explorer, activist
Known for: First solo transatlantic flight (1927)
Home town: Little Falls, Minnesota
Spouse(s): Anne Morrow Lindbergh (1929–1974) (his death)
Children: With Anne Morrow Lindbergh, Charles Augustus Lindbergh Jr, Jon Lindbergh, Land Morrow Lindbergh, Anne Spencer Lindbergh (Perrin), Scott Lindbergh, Reeve Lindbergh (Brown), With Brigitte Hesshaimer, Dyrk Hesshaimer, Astrid Hesshaimer Bouteuil, David Hesshaimer, With Marietta Hesshaimer, Vago Hesshaimer, Christoph Hesshaimer, With Valeska (surname unknown), a son (name unknown), a daughter (name unknown)
Parent(s): Charles August Lindbergh, Evangeline Lodge Land Lindbergh
IMDb: Charles Lindbergh’s IMDb

About Charles Lindbergh

Famous aviator and inventor who made the first solo airplane flight across the Atlantic in 1927. The historic flight began in Long Island and ended in Paris.

Before Fame

He graduated from Cass Technical High School in 1918.


He received the Medal of Honor, America’s highest military accolade, for his flight across the Atlantic Ocean.

Family Life

He had six children with his wife, Anne Morrow Lindbergh. His son was kidnapped and murdered in what was considered the crime of the century.


He was TIME magazine’s first Person of the Year. Mahatma Gandhi earned the same honor three years later.

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