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Charles Frederick Urschel was a Texas oilman and kidnap victim of George “Machine Gun Kelly” Kelly.

About Charles F. Urschel

Kidnap victim of George “Machine Gun Kelly” Barnes which in turn led to new Lindbergh kidnapping laws and a new title for certain FBI agents. It was also one of the first trials seen on film.

Before Fame

He worked as a Texas oilman and married into an oil family. Eventually he married and became part of one of the wealthiest couples in Oklahoma City.


He was held in a farmhouse for over a week and after his release he was able to help the FBI with their investigation even though he was blindfolded most of the time.

Family Life

He first married Flored Slick, sister of an oil magnate named Thomas Slick. Once she and Slick died, he married Slick’s widow Berenice.


J. Edgar Hoover had taken a special interest in the kidnapping case.

Information related to Charles F. Urschel

  • Kidnapped American people
  • Businesspeople from Ohio
  • American businesspeople in the oil industry

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