Catherine Breshkovsky (Politician) – Bio, Birthday, Family, Age & Born
Catherine Breshkovsky

Catherine Breshkovsky. A major figure in the Russian socialist movement, a Narodnik and later one of the founders of the Socialist Revolutionary Party. She has been described as Russia’s first female political prisoner. She spent over four decades in prison and Siberian exile for peaceful opposition to Tsarism, acquiring, in her latter years, international stature as a political prisoner. Also popularly known as Babushka, Breshkovsky was the grandmother of the Russian Revolution.

Native name: Екатерина Брешко-Брешковская
Born: Екатерина Константиновна Вериго, Ivanovo, Vitebsk Governorate, Russian Empire (now Pskov Oblast, Russia)
Died: (aged), Chvaly, Czechoslovakia

About Catherine Breshkovsky

Russian socialist sometimes known as Babushka, who was often referred to as the Grandmother of the Russian Revolution. She was forced to flee following the October Revolution and later died in Czechoslovakia.

Before Fame

She became a follower of anarchist Mikhail Bakunin at age 26.


She formed a socialist revolutionary group after her exile to Siberia and helped to organize the Socialist-Revolutionary Party in 1901.

Family Life

Her son Nikolay Breshko-Breshkovsky became a writer.


She and politician David Ben-Gurion were both imprisoned during the Russian Revolution of 1905.

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