Carlos Antonio López (World Leader)
Carlos Antonio López

Carlos Antonio López Ynsfrán served as leader of Paraguay from 1841 to 1862.

Born: November 4, 1792, Asunción, Paraguay (Then part of the Viceroyalty of the Río de la Plata)
Died: Sept 10, 1862, Asunción, Paraguay
Political party: None
Spouse(s): Juana Pabla Carrillo
Children: Francisco, Venancio, Benigno, Rafaela, Inocencia
Religion: Roman Catholic
Vice President: Mariano González (1845–1846), Francisco Solano López (1862)
Preceded by: himself as Consul
Succeeded by: Francisco Solano López

About Carlos Antonio López

The first ever President of Paraguay who served from 1844 to 1862. He was known for developing the army and disputing with foreign leaders; he served from 1841-62.

Before Fame

He was educated in the seminary at Asuncion.


After the dictator José Gaspar Rodríguez de Francia died he was secretary of the military junta that ruled the country.

Family Life

He married Juana Pabla Carrillo, and their son, Francisco Solano Lopez, succeeded him as president after his death.


He and Abraham Lincoln were both presidents of their respective nations at the same time.

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