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Boris Yegorov

Boris Borisovich Yegorov was a Soviet physician-cosmonaut who became the first physician to make a space flight. Yegorov came from a medical background, with his father a prominent heart surgeon, and his mother an ophthalmologist. He also selected medicine as a career and graduated from the “First Moscow Medical Institute” in 1961. During the course of his studies, he came into contact with Yuri Gagarin’s training and became interested in space medicine. Yegorov earned his doctorate in medicine, with his specialisation being in disorders of the sense of balance. Yegorov was selected as a member of the multi-disciplinary team that flew on Voskhod 1. It has been suggested that his father’s influence within the Politburo may have had some bearing on the selection. As a result of this space flight, Yegorov was awarded the title of the Hero of the Soviet Union on October 19, 1964. He died from a heart attack in 1994.

Nationality: Soviet
Born: Nov 26, 1937, Moscow, Soviet Union
Died: Sept 12, 1994, Moscow, Russia
Other occupation: Doctor
Time in space: 1d 00h 17m
Selection: Civilian Specialist Group 1
Missions: Voskhod 1

About Boris Yegorov

The first Soviet physician to be sent into outer space. He was chosen to be a cosmonaut on the Voskhod and was subsequently awarded the Hero of the Soviet Union honor.

Before Fame

In 1961, he completed his education at the First Moscow Medical Institute.


8450 Yegorov, an asteroid, was named after him.

Family Life

His three marriages produced a total of three children.


Like Yuri Gagarin, he was a Russian cosmonaut.

Information related to Boris Yegorov

  • Recipients of the Order of the Flag of the Hungarian Republic
  • Physician astronauts
  • Honorary citizens of Baikonur
  • Soviet cosmonauts

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