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Arthur Phillip

Admiral Arthur Phillip was a Royal Navy officer and the first Governor of New South Wales who led the British settlement and colonisation of Australia. He established a British penal colony that later became the city of Sydney, Australia. After much experience at sea, Phillip led the First Fleet as Governor-designate in the Australian settlement of New South Wales. In January 1788, he selected its location to be Port Jackson. Phillip was a far-sighted governor who soon saw that New South Wales would need a civil administration and a system for emancipating the convicts. But his plan to bring skilled tradesmen on the voyage had been rejected, and he faced immense problems of labour, discipline and supply. The arrival of the Second and Third Fleets placed new pressures on the scarce local resources, but by the time Phillip sailed home in December 1792, the colony was taking shape, with official land-grants and systematic farming and water-supply.

Born: October 11, 1738, Cheapside, London, England
Died: August 31, 1814, Bath, Somerset, England
Monarch: George III
Preceded by: Position Established
Succeeded by: John Hunter

About Arthur Phillip

British admiral who founded the first permanent European settlement in Australia, a convict settlement that eventually became Sydney.

Before Fame

Enrolling in seafaring school in his early teens began his long career in seafaring, which included serving in several wars.


As the governor of the New South Wales territory, he faced rebellion from the convicts, hostile natives, and a constant threat of famine.

Family Life

When he met his wife, Margaret, she was the widow of a prosperous London Merchant. Their union lasted six years.


Ernest Giles also helped the British colonize Australia, with his explorations of the interior of the continent.

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