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Anton Webern

Anton Friedrich Wilhelm von Webern was an Austrian composer and conductor. Along with his mentor Arnold Schoenberg and his colleague Alban Berg, Webern was in the core of those in the circle of the Second Viennese School, including Ernst Krenek and Theodor W. Adorno. As an exponent of atonality and twelve-tone technique, Webern exerted influence on contemporaries Luigi Dallapiccola, Křenek, and even Schoenberg himself. As a tutor, Webern guided and variously influenced Arnold Elston, Frederick Dorian, Matty Niël, Fré Focke, Karl Amadeus Hartmann, Philipp Herschkowitz, René Leibowitz, Humphrey Searle, Leopold Spinner, and Stefan Wolpe. Webern’s music was among the most radical of its milieu, both in its concision and in its rigorous and resolute apprehension of twelve-tone technique.

About Anton Webern

Composer and conductor of the Second Viennese School. He was known for his tonally and harmonically innovative works.

Before Fame

His musicology studies at Vienna University were with the famed Guido Adler. His thesis was on Heinrich Isaac’s Choralis Constantinus.


He was killed by an American soldier during the Allied Powers’ World War II-era occupation of Austria.

Family Life

He was born in Vienna to a civil servant father and a musician mother. He married Wilhelmine Mortl, and the couple had four children together.


He was a student of composer Arnold Schoenberg and an enthusiastic follower of Schoenberg’s twelve-tone compositional technique.

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