Alexandre Herculano (Novelist) – Bio, Birthday, Family, Age & Born
Alexandre Herculano

Alexandre Herculano de Carvalho e Araújo was a Portuguese novelist and historian.

Born: Alexandre Herculano de Carvalho e Araújo, March 28, 1810, Lisbon, Portugal
Died: September 13, 1877, Santarém, Portugal
Occupation: Novel writer, poet, journalist, historian, politician
Genre: Historical novel, Romantic poetry
Literary movement: Romanticism
Notable works: Eurico, o Presbítero, O Monge de Cister, História de Portugal de Alexandre Herculano, História da Origem e Estabelecimento da Inquisição em Portugal

About Alexandre Herculano

Historian and writer who published the first Portuguese historical novel, Eurico the Presbyter, in 1844. His other works of historical fiction include The Monastic and The Fool.

Before Fame

He established a publication called Panorama in 1837. While working as a librarian, he published his first poetry collection, A Voz de Propheta.


He wrote novels with the goal of creating a history lesson for his readers.

Family Life

He married Mariana Herminia de Meirain 1866. The couple had no children.


He and Frederick Jackson Turner were fellow historians.

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